This post contains spoilers for games that are at least 15 years old.

I’ve noticed something about the Nintendo character Wart. If you’re not familiar with Wart, he’s a large frog who has appeared in both a Mario and a Zelda game. This is him.

He was the main antagonist of Super Mario Brothers 2 (in America) and a helpful NPC in Link’s Awakening. Here’s where things get interesting: Both of those games take place in a dream! Mario 2 takes place in the land of Subcon, which is derived from ‘subconscious’. Plus, when the credits roll, you see Mario asleep in bed. He was there the whole time. Also, Link’s Awakening takes place on Koholint Island, which might exist inside the dreams of the Wind Fish. (A creature in an egg on top of the highest mountain on the island) So what does this mean? Is Wart not a resident of either the Mario or Zelda universes? Does he only appear in the dreams of Nintendo characters? I think it would be really interesting if Nintendo decided to add Wart into future games that take place in dream worlds, and it would be even more interesting if the games were from different series.